“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” -Albert Einstein


Well it’s 2 am and you’re having another sleepless night.  You have tried everything under the sun to stop worrying and just can’t find the cure.  You have done everything “right” in your life but you still feel anxious or depressed.  You pride yourself on your accomplishments and achievements but feel like a failure even still.  You worry YOU will never be good enough.  I can help you to worry less and feel more at peace with yourself.

If you are raising a high achieving teen you may fear for their well being.  You feel proud about their success but fear they may be secretly depressed or overly anxious.   You wonder if there is more to life than achievement.

I can be your guide and support you in your journey to healing from excessive worry and being a perfectionist.  I can be a life raft to parents in the midst of a raging storm of raising an adolescent. I can be the first person who actually sees who you are and accepts all of you, even the parts you have deemed unacceptable. I believe in the healing nature of therapy. I have been on both sides of the therapist’s couch and am honored to use my skills to be of service for other people in need.

Ways I can help

  • Provide psychoeducation about common mental health diagnoses (anxiety, depression, mood disorders)
  • Parent coaching for teens/young adults
  • Interventions focused on alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Family systems interventions designed to heal family relationships and improve communication
  • Guidance on teens/young adults struggling with anxiety and depression
  • Eclectic approach borrowing from many different therapeutic orientations in order to individualize care