“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” -Albert Einstein

Welcome!  It takes a lot of guts to reach out to someone for help.  Our culture frowns upon seeking out support in times of emotional crisis.  We are taught to only rely on ourselves and fix things by sheer willpower.  Guess what?  That does not work.  You may have grown up in a family that implicitly or explicitly forbid you from talking about family problems to people outside the immediate family.  Your family may have struggled with substance/alcohol abuse or domestic violence and/or childhood abuse and neglect.  You may have only been able to express one type of emotion (anger or joy), you were/are your family’s designated “therapist”, or you were labeled the problem (black sheep). 

If you are raising a teen you may be banging your head against the wall and are over all the fighting.  You may struggle with the shift of raising a teen compared to a young child.  You never received a manual when you had kids and now you need guidance and support more than ever.  You only want the best for your teen but feel exhausted navigating these years alone.

I can be your guide and support you in your journey to self discovery and healing of emotional trauma.  I can be a life raft to parents in the midst of a raging storm of raising an adolescent.  I can be the first person who actually sees who you are and accepts all of you, even the parts you have deemed unacceptable.  I believe in the healing nature of therapy.  I have been on both sides of the therapist’s couch and am honored to use my skills to be of service for other people in need.  

Call now.  You don’t need to struggle.  I can help.